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The Latest (as of 6-13-09)

Apologies for letting a few months go by without updating this page.

My thanks to everyone who has bought books through the Recommended Reading page. Every little bit of added revenue helps keep us moving forward.

Issue #4, obviously, is still not out, though at least we're farther along now. For one thing, I attended ISMAC several weeks ago and will be writing up a report for the issue. And two more articles should be in my hands in the next few weeks. I'm hoping to have the issue to the printer by early August.

Issue #4 is going to be good: Guy Windsor's account of interpreting a guard that has long perplexed researchers of Fiore dei Liberi's sword in two hands, an article by Pete Kautz on instinctive rifle shooting, Greg Mele's overview of Angelo Viggiani's “Lo Schermo,” a review (our biggest ever) of a major new book on medieval and Renaissance martial arts, and more.

I've also been more aggressive about soliciting articles so we can get the magazine back on some kind of schedule. I can't promise any of these till the articles and photos are actually in my hands, but these are some of the topics you should see in issues 5 through 8:

• distinctive counters of the English longsword, by Ben Roberts;

• Venezuelan machete fighting, by Prof. Bruno Cruicchi;

• Thomas Page's principles for single broadsword, by Christopher Scott Thompson;

• Renaissance pike drill, by Bill Elder;

• backsword versus smallsword, by Dr. Milo Thurston;

• the montante (the Iberian greatsword), by Eric Myers, et al;

• Paulus Hector Mair's scythe, by Szabolcs Waldmann;

• the traditional Sicilian fighting system, by Antonio Merendoni;

• American catch wrestling, by Dr. Les Moore;

• the wrestling of Master Ott the Jew, by Jessica Finley;

• an overview of pre-20th century American fighting arts, by Pete Kautz; and

• Hutton and Castle's historical fencing work, by Tony Wolf.

I'm also hoping to get an article late this year, on a topic to be determined, from an English martial artist who, I think it's fair to say, is a near-legend. More about this later.

We've also added a full-color WMAI flyer to the Downloads page. Please feel free to print this out in color or black-and-white for distribution at WMA/HEMA events, re-enactment events, Renaissance faires and other appropriate venues.

We now have subscribers in 17 countries in addition to the U.S.: Canada, Germany, the U.K., Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Brazil, Greece, Singapore, Monaco and Finland, and through our friends at The Exiles, Sweden and Italy. More than 20 percent of our subscriptions go outside the U.S.

If you'd like to buy a single issue rather than subscribe right away, just go to the Contact Us page and send me an e-mail. (Our online shopping cart isn't set up for single copies yet.) We still have copies of issues #1 and #2 in stock.

Remember that PDF files of the tables of contents for all three issues published so far are available on the Downloads page.

Finally, please continue to spread the word about WMAI to anyone you know (or to e-lists, other online groups, etc.) who might be interested. Publishing a slick magazine is expensive, and the more subscribers WMAI gets, the more viable it will be.

Thank you,

Scott Baltic, Publisher