Western Martial Arts Illustrated
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Tables of contents
To see what WMAI is all about, you can download PDF files of the tables of contents for all three issues published so far.

Issue #3 table of contents
(PDF file)

Issue #2 table of contents
(PDF file)

Premiere issue table of contents
(PDF file)

Western martial arts timeline
This timeline covers original WMA sources starting with the world's oldest known surviving swordsmanship manual, a south German manuscript dated to about 1300, up to the year 1800, alongside historical events and famous people. It's set up on five 8 1/2- by 11-inch pages in landscape mode and is easily printable.

The current version is v.3.1, which should fix the layout view problem that was pointed out to me. V.3 added number of items compared to v.2, though the page for the 18th century still needs some fattening up. If you'd like to suggest something to be included, especially a WMA text, just hit the Contact Us link above and let me know your thoughts.

Western martial arts timeline, 1300-1800
(PDF file)

Color WMA Illustrated flyer
This is our current full-color WMAI flyer. Please feel free to print it out in color or black-and-white and distribute it within your WMA group or at WMA/HEMA events, re-enactment events, Renaissance faires and other appropriate venues.

WMAI flyer
(PDF file)

For potential advertisers
Click below to download our current rate card, along with ad sizes, shapes and format specifications.

WMA Illustrated advertising rate card
(PDF file)

Ad sizes and specs
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